Muezzins on stage

The New York Times has an article on a play by a Swiss playwright featuring Egyptian muezzins, spurred by the Ministry of Awqaf's attempt a few years back to synchronize/standardize the call to prayer in Cairo (not sure how much it was ever implemented, actually..) I'm also a little skeptical, as always, of the claim that this play was "too politically touchy" to be performed except once in Cairo, but I don't know the details. The title of the article "A CAll Silenced in Cairo..." invokes the usual trope that interesting art is always problematic/taboo in the Arab world. (Ironically, it's in Switzerland that recently there were calls for banning minarets. And as the article mentions, mosques in Germany have been targeted by far-right protests). 

On a separate note, I'll be traveling for the next 10 days, so no posts till the end of the month.

Ursula Lindsey

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