Links for 07.31.09

الإسلاميون - الإخوان وسيناريوهات المستقبل | "The Muslim Brothers and the scenarios of the future"
Morocco challenges Mideast Holocaust mind-set - Yahoo! News | King makes speech on Holocaust, also on Jewish community in Morocco.
Bédouins oubliés du Nakab, par Joseph Algazy (Le Monde diplomatique) | Anti-Arab discrimination and beatings by Israeli police, and the situation of Israel's Bedouins.
300,000 Israeli settlers in West Bank: report - Yahoo! News | "As of June 30, there were 304,569 settlers living in the Palestinian territory, an increase of 2.3 percent since the start of the year"
Counterterrorism Blog: NEFA Foundation: The Muslim Brotherhood Online | MB document on use of internet.
UPDATED: Levin lifts hold on State Near East official, bureau makes senior appointments | The Cable | Jeffrey Feltman to finally be confirmed at head of NEA.