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NCHR and Emergency law

Partially an addendum to Issandr's note on the NCHR and the Emergency law

Just had a meeting with Bahay al-Din Hassan of the Cairo Institute for the Study of HR and Egypt's national council for HR (NCHR). He told me there are two memos are going to the president.
1) repealing Emergency law. He said there was almost a revolt by "some" members frustrated that the vote went as it did last April (24 against discussing to approach the gov to repeal EL, 3 in favor). To date there has been no reaction from the government/president. I asked him if he expected one. He responded, "the government does not respond to the most basic complaint - really mundane - things, why will they respond to this?"

2) The NCHR annual report. Contrary to things I have seen in the press, the report is not ready. Bahay said it was not going to be released until February and not a "single word" has been written yet.

He also said that he is not the only one on the council who is disappointed with the NCHR's performance and everyday it loses the ability to assert itself.

More will follow on this next month.