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Smith on the Shia

How stupid:

In the Arab world, Shiites have largely been second-class citizens since A.D. 656, when Hussein, a grandson of Muhammad, was tortured and beheaded after a climactic battle with the Sunnis. That social order persisted through Mongol invasions, the Ottoman Empire and British occupation, until now.

For Sunni Arabs, then, the triumph of the Iraqi Shiites is a calamity. The tables have been turned in a manner reminiscent of the South during Reconstruction, when former slaves not only were freed and granted civil rights, but also briefly won political power in some states.

Yes, of course, this "triumph of the Shiites" is a calamity for all Sunnis everywhere. They are cowering as we speak. All of them. And the situation of the Shiites is absolutely comparable to American slavery, of course. And really, the partition of Palestine is a bit like Louisiana Purchase, only in reverse!

And, by the way, in the Arab world about 99% of the population has been "second class citizens since A.D. 656.

(Connoisseurs will appreciate dissecting this article for the people it cites as authorities, the American analogies it utilizes as well as the views it reflects. Think MEF in the MSM.)