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The Arabist

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Random finds

  • The new issue of the Middle East Report is out, and judging from the table of contents it looks packed with interesting stuff. Too bad you can't read it all online, so I guess I'll have to be contented with articles like Jim Lobe's take on the Bush Team Reloaded.

  • The Washington Monthly, a Democrat-centrist political magazine, has a special issue on Middle East Democracy and running blog commentary from a number of prominent bloggers. Shame it doesn't include Arab experts or bloggers, but an interesting look at the American take on things.

  • Maria Golia has another one her moving columns in the Daily Star, this time on Mubarak.

  • David Hirst has a column on American and democracy in the Arab world, also in the Daily Star.

  • Haaretz has a long feature on Egyptian Jews and the controversy over Jewish texts that are wanted by American Jewish organizations.

  • Haaretz also has a profile of Dr. David Bukay, an Israeli academic who believes that Arabs have no conscience.

  • Megan Stack of the LA Times writes about Egyptian judges.

  • Finally, an AFP article carried by the Daily Star looks at the two women terrorists involved in last week's Cairo attack. I point to it because I found the violence of that particular incident particularly disturbing.