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US Copt activist teams up with Fox News

Does anyone else find the prospect of Coptic activist Michael Meunier and Fox News teaming up potentially extremely dangerous? Watch this closely. Maybe it'll be legitimate -- there is plenty to complain about if you're a Copt. But Meunier has a history of manipulating media to advance his own political profile in Washington, and we all know about Fox News' reputation.

U.S. Copts and Fox News Partner on Egypt Project

Washington DC Nov.15, 2006

Dear Copts and Friends,

I'm pleased to share with you news of Fox News Channel's upcoming special report on religious freedom in Egypt, in which I had the pleasure of co-operating with Fox News producers and journalists during this past summer.

U.S. Copts has joined with international cable television giant the Fox News Channel to create a televised special report on human rights abuses against Copts in Egypt. The report, part of a new Fox News series on religious freedom in countries around the world, features exclusive interviews with Coptic victims, priests, and others inside Egypt.

In the summer of 2006, I traveled to Egypt with Fox News journalists where we went on locations all over Egypt to shoot hours of documentary footage highlighting victims and sites of anti-Coptic human rights abuses.

The footage include those of destroyed churches, victims and their families. If the serious is to come out in the way I hope too, it will provide a great exposure for our cause. My understanding is that the initial report which will air starting today will be a short program. However, I am promised by Fox that the hours of tapes they recorded will be used in another full hour special on Egypt and the Copts.

The entire series, including the Egypt report, airs this coming Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, November 15- 17, 2006 on the Fox News Channel at 7.00 PM Eastern Standard Time (2:00 AM Egypt time).

Best Wishes,

Michael Meunier
If someone can digitally record this on Fox News and somehow send it my way, I'd be very grateful.