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Judicial update

For judicial geeks: all the new judicial appointees were sworn in today.

The new members of Egypt's Supreme Judicial Authorities Council were sworn in before President Hosni Mubarak at the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis.

The new members are Counsellor Maher Sayed Ibrahim Abdel Wahed, the Chairman of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Counsellor Moqbel Shaker Mohamed Shaker, the Chairman of the Court of Cassation, Counsellor El-Sayed El-Sayed Mohamed Nofal, the Chairman of the State Council, Counsellor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud, the Public Prosecutor, Counsellor Milad Seedhom Boutros, the Chairman of the State Lawsuits Authority, Counsellor Samir Abdel Halim Ahmed Al-Badawy, the Chairman of the Administrative Prosecution.
The new public prosecutor is a Copt, I see -- that's one more Copt among prominent officials, at least, although one should have no illusions where his loyalties lie.

I noted one weird thing in that piece:

In statements to Al-Ahram, Counsellor Moqbel Shaker the Chairman of the Court of Cassation and Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council said that the Council will seek to fulfill the needs of judges in the upcoming stage, adding that most of these demands were fulfilled in the new judicial authority law. He said that the court is in need of a number of circles and judges.

Counsellor Maher Abdel Wahed said that the constitutional court will act to control the rhythm of the judicial street.
Er... what does that mean? Shouldn't the SCC stay out of the judges' professional demands, which is a matter for individual judges, their professional association and the Judicial Council? Not a good start.