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Marxism 2006

I received the following message from my friend Ahmad Zahran in London.
Hello All,
The Marxism conference will start in London this Thursday the 7th of July and will last till the 10th. There will be two very important workshops in the conference that will tackle Egypt, one of them will about Nasser (by Anne Alexander) and the other one about The Struggle for Democracy in the Middle East (Ghassan Makarem, Salah Ayyad and Egyptian activist from Centre for Socialist Studies, Cairo). It will be very important for all those in the UK to try and attend those 2 workshops as it will give a very good background about the situation in Egypt for those who do not know about it.
Guy Tailor has forwarded below the main workshops that touch upon the Arab World issues so give it a read in case you find something of interest. Tickets for the conference are for 15 pounds sterling (for the 5 days), if you want tickets please email Guy.
Please read below for more information and visit for further information. You can call Guy on +44 79 5668 1328.
Have a nice day.

THURSDAY 6 JULY 7-8.30pm
Friends House, opposite Euston station
Opening Rally
Lindsey German, Roland Denis, Hassan Jumaa, Oliur Rahman
Hassan Jumaa is an Iraqi Trade Unionist
FRIDAY 7 JULY 2 - 3.15pm
Birkbeck College, room B35
What a carve up – how the map of the Middle East was drawn
speaker: Michael Bradley
FRIDAY 7 JULY 7-8.30pm
London School of Hygiene - Goldsmiths Lecture Hall
1948, the Nakhbah and the creation of Israel
speaker: Ghada Karmi
SATURDAY 8 JULY 11.45am - 1pm
London School of Hygiene - Goldsmiths Lecture Hall
The struggle for democracy in the Middle East
speakers: Ghassan Makarem, Salah Ayyad and Egyptian activist (from
Centre for Socialist Studies, Cairo)
SUNDAY 9 JULY 2 - 3.15pm
University of London Union, Room 3CD
Nasser, nationalism and the end of empire
speaker: Anne Alexander
SUNDAY 9 JULY 7 - 8.30PM
University of London Union, Room 3CD
Can Hamas liberate Palestine?
speaker: Simon Assaf
MONDAY 10 JULY 2 - 3.15pm
University of London Union Upper Hall
Islam and Islamic civilisations
speaker: Chris Harman

That's just the 'middle eastern highlights'! There are over 200
meetings and discussions happening in the five days from Thursday until
Monday. The full timetable is at, there
are more than 5000 people coming - almost 2000 of them students.

I join Zahran in urging Arabist readers in London to attend this conference, and actively engage in Middle East-related (if not all) workshops.