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Li-Beirut: Cairo activists needed for solidarity campaign

Passing on an appeal for Cairo-based activists wishing to join a solidarity campaign for Lebanon:

A group of energetic activists in Cairo have started campaigning in solidarity with Lebanon. They're doing many activities and more are to come (see below). This effort is significant and plans to go on for months, way after TV viewers become normalized about the daily death of victims of yet another Arab country. Now that hopes are diminishing by the second that the aggression against Lebanon won't end anytime soon. They need volunteers to help them organize the many creative ideas they're coming up with. Those of you who would like to contribute, please email Mohammed Yousri at moyousri - AT -

Li-Beirut is a solidarity campaign initiated by a team of independent artists and activists based in Cairo in support of the victims of the brutal aggression against Lebanon.

Li-Beirut is comprised of a series of cultural and artistic events and an interactive online platform aimed at encouraging worldwide solidarity, support and donations for the victims of the Israeli war on Lebanon.

Li-Beirut cultural and artistic series will include music concerts, film screenings, poetry readings, book signings, exhibitions and a number of satellite events organized by partner groups. is hosted under the umbrella of a regional Arabic portal,, and is an on-going initiative to raise awareness and mobilize support for Lebanon.
Incidentally, their name, Li-Beirut, comes from a famous song by the Lebanese diva Fairouz. It has been playing a lot in Egypt lately, including at the premium number set up by MobiNil and Vodafone Egypt (1410) to raise funds for Lebanese relief efforts. I'm making the song available here for anyone who wants to listen to it.