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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Solidarity demos

Kefaya has called for a demonstration in support of the Lebanese resistance tomorrow Friday, 11 August, in Zagazig, capital of Sharqiya governorate. The demonstration will take place following the Friday prayers at Al-Nahda Mosque, in front of the Zagazig Security Directorate.

Kefaya is also organizing a children's march on the same day in Damanhour, capital of the Beheira governorate, to express solidarity with the Lebanese children. The march will start from the Al-Hassan And Al-Hussein Mosque, following the Friday prayers.

On Saturday, 12 August, the Hilaly Association for Defense of Civil Liberities has called for a demo in solidarity with Lebanon and Palestine, 12 noon, in front of the Lawyers' Syndicate in Ramses Street. The Hilaly Association--headed by veteran leftist lawyers Ahmad Seif and Mohssen Shasha--was formed during Marxist lawyer Ahmad Nabil el-Hilaly's last July memorial. It includes rights lawyers from the left, Nasserists and Islamists.

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