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Segev: Reading Shoah in Gaza

From an article by the Israeli historian Tom Segev in Haaretz,

Reading Shoah in Gaza, about a proposal pushed by UNRWA chief John Ging to teach about the Holocaust in Gazan schools:

"This could prove an interesting battle. Most Arabs tend to view the Holocaust as a Zionist invention, and do not deal with it in school curricula, books or movies. Many deny the Holocaust; only a handful of Palestinian intellectuals condemn such denial. This struggle is to a large extent over the question of who is the real victim, but the Arab difficulty in 'recognizing' the Holocaust also stems from Israel's frequent allusions to it as a justification not only for the country's existence, but also for the continued occupation and oppression of the Palestinians. "

While it's obviously true that Holocaust denial is unfortunately common in the Arab world, on what basis does he make the claim that "most Arabs tend to view of the Holocaust as a Zionist invention"? Just anecdotal evidence? Not to mention, of course, the gross irony of endless coverage of the denial of massacres half-a-century ago in a newspaper that still does not acknowledge last January's massacre.