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Chutzpahpocalypse Now

I interrupt my blogging hiatus to bring you the most mind-bending headline of the year:

Palestinians stealing water in West Bank


The Israel Defense Forces recently thwarted an attempt made by Palestinians to illegally connect to the Mekorot Israel National Water infrastructure in order to siphon off water from it.

 Soldiers took note of four people trying to connect to the pipes south of Hebron. When the four noticed they had been discovered, they fled the scene and the soldiers followed after them. The soldiers managed to apprehend two of the four men, while the others got away.

Residents of the settlements and villages in Mount Hebron woke up one morning this week only to be disappointed that there was no water in their faucets at home because of the recurring problem of Palestinian water piracy.

Meanwhile, back in Amreeka: Tax-Exempt Funds Aiding West Bank Settlements -