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The Arabist

By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Today's headlines in Egypt

On 27 January — compare to yesterday's. The policy for the state press has changed from ignoring the situation to scaremongering about chaos.

The state press

Al Ahram: "Four dead and 118 wounded among the protestors; 162 policemen wounded and 100 arrests in Cairo and the governorates"

Al Akhbar: "Protests in Cairo and Suez; Minister of Interior has banned protests"

Al Gomhouriya: "Security forces will firmly face any attempt to break the law and spread unrest"

Rose al-Youssef: "In an exclusive interview, the Minister of Interior affirms that the Egyptian state is not fragile. This regime is supported by millions of Egyptians and a few thousand protestors will not destabilize it."

The private press

Al Masri Al Youm: "Protestors and police hold to their positions for the second day of protests"

Al Shorouk: "Gratuitous violence and excessive police brutality"

Al Wafd: "Change is the solution"

Nahdet Misr: "The protestors are right to be angry"