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The Arabist

By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Yesterday's headlines in Egypt

Meant to put this up earlier — these are from 26 January.

The state press:

Al Ahram: "Heated protests and calls for strikes in Lebanon"

Al Akhbar: "Protests in a few places in the capital and calm in the governorates"

Al Gomhouriya: "Demonstrators cut off traffic and cause disorder in Tahrir Square"

Rose al-Youssef: "Security deals with protestors in a tolerant but firm manner"

Private press: 

Al Masri Al Youm: "The Day of Anger: A Warning"

Al Shorouk: "Angry Egypt takes to the streets"

Al Wafd: "Outbreak of anger in Egypt"

Al Destour: "Protests continue until midnight in Cairo and Alexandria"