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By Issandr El Amrani and friends.

Another #feb20 activist killed in Morocco

The tenth victim of police brutality, use of thugs and popular incitement against Morocco’s February 20 movement died yesterday, after being stabbed in a neighborhood of the northern city of al-Hoceima. (Update: actually, several of those listed below set themselves on fire — they weren't killed.)

Kamal al-Houceini, an unemployed graduate, was with other February 20 activists in front of a newspaper stand last night in Ait Bouayach near al-Hoceima around 7pm after being attacked by a “baltaguia” (thug suspected of working for the Ministry of Interior). He is now the tenth person to have died for participating in the movement since it began on 20 February 2011 (a full list is below, in French.)

Mustafa Manouzi, the head of the Justice and Equity Forum (which has campaign for truth and reconciliation for victims of torture) has resigned in protest. His resignation letter, circulating on Facebook, is reproduced below in Arabic.

  1. Karim CHAIB, 21 ans, Sefrou, le 20 Février 2011
  2. Imad ALQADI, 18 ans, Al Hoceima, le 20 Février2011
  3. Jawad BENQADDOUR, 25 ans, Al Hoceima, le 20 Février2011
  4. Jamal SALMI, 24 ans, Al Hoceima, le 20 Février 2011
  5. Samir LBOUAZAOUI, 17 ans, Al Hoceima, le 20 Février 2011
  6. Nabil JAAFAR, 19 ans, Al Hoceima, le 20 Février 2011
  7. Fadwa LAAROUI, 20 ans, Souq Sebt, le 21 Février 2011
  8. Kamal AMMARI, 30 ans, Safi, 29 Mai 2011
  9. Mohamed Boudouroua, 38 ans, Safi, 13 Octobre 2011
  10. Kamal Hussaini, Aït Bouayach, 27 Octobre 2011