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The Pulitzer and the Arab spring

I've seen some complaints that this year's Pulitzer Prize largely eluded coverage of the Arab uprisings, but the winner in the editorial cartooning category, Politico's Matt Wuerker, did provide some uprisings-related work. See a gallery of Wuerker's work here. Still, strange to see so little recognition of some of the fantastic work done during the uprisings — at least starting with Egypt, since English-language coverage of Tunisia was largely AWOL. 

Zine al-Arab

Remember the very inventive campaign in Tunis, when a huge poster of Ben Ali was put up again and then, when angry residents took it down, turned out to contain a warning that dictatorship can return? (See the making-of here.)

I missed it when it first came out, but a new e-zine by a group of Egyptian and Arab artists and designers, including Ganzeer with whom we recorded podcast #7, has the great following cartoon inspired by that. In Egypt though the end is different. You can get Zine al-Arab here, and they may still be accepting submissions for the second issue. They have great comic art.

Update: an event feat. Ganzeer tonight at the Townhouse Gallery:

Feb 19, First Floor, 7 pm

Artist Talks
“In Print”

“In Print” concludes with an evening of artist talks by each of the participants (Ganzeer, Mohamed Shenawy, and Mohamed Elshahed) discussing the development of their projects during this 3 week period in Townhouse's First Floor Space.

For more info: , , and
For Ali Ferzat

The above cartoon, in solidarity with Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat is by Jonathan Guyer of Mideast by Midwest. Ferzat, who has published cartoons critical of Bashar al-Assad, had his hands broken last week by pro-regime assailants: 

In the early hours of Thursday, masked men seized Ferzat from the street and forced him in to a van. A relative has said that Ferzat's attackers targeted his hands, breaking them both, and told him it was "just a warning" before leaving him by the roadside with a bag over his head.

Across the Middle East and elsewhere cartoonists have expressed solidarity with Ferzat.