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Links for 08.08.09 to 08.09.09
Middle East Report Online: Rachel Corrie in Palestine…and in San Francisco | Joel Beinin on the hysterical reaction to the screening of French-Israeli filmmaker Simone Bitton's film on Rachel Corrie at the San Francisco Film Festival.
Israeli agents to screen judges before appointment - Middle East, World - The Independent | Israel - just another Middle Eastern autocracy: "Israel's internal security service has been given a de facto veto over the appointment of judges in an unprecedented decision that has the country's embattled liberals up in arms. The move by the Judges Selection Committee on Friday is likely to make it harder for members of Israel's Arab minority and others with views that are not mainstream to become judges, according to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (Acri)."
Obama's letter to Assad .... | FLC: "According to the Lebanese daily Al Akhbar, President Obama heeded a "french advice" and transferred the Lebanon-Syria file (s) to the White House, away from the tractions and the oversight of such officials as Jeffrey Feltman... Moreover, and always according to Al Akhbar, a senior Arab diplomat in Beirut said that President Obama sent a "three pages letter" to President Assad asking him to "turn a new page in the bilateral relations between the US and Syria" ... and outlining ways to move forward. "
Typhoid outbreak in Egypt | In Qaloubiya governorate, due to water sanitation issues. There are increasing water sanitation and distribution problems in Egypt, a sign that the government is not sufficiently investing in infrastructure.
Central Bank: Egypt's remittances drop 26 percent (AP via Yahoo! Finance) | The crisis hits.
Al-Ahram Weekly | Living | Obituary: Fayza Hassan, 1938-2009: Life interrupted | Very sad to hear about the death of this wonderful writer.
Egypt's National Security Threatened By Sorcery: Psychiatrist | Mountain = molehill.
EGYPT: Anwar Sadat's daughter sues information minister over Hollywood movie | Babylon & Beyond | Los Angeles Times | Because of the film "I love you, man." Which isn't very good anyway (and the dog does not resemble Sadat).
Reptile wreaks havoc on Cairo-bound flight | Funny: "A “small crocodile” running up and down the aisle of a Cairo-bound flight recently sent passengers into a frenzy. No one claimed ownership of the creature, which turned out to be a lizard."
Israeli settlement freeze 'not enough for Saudis'
| I almost hate to praise Saudi Arabia, but they have this right.

Links for 07.23.09 to 07.24.09
Ethar El-Katatney's Published Stories: Online Archive | This writer recently was awarded a prize for Middle Eastern journalism, check out the interesting story about Egyptians doing business on Facebook.
Hymen: The Arabs’ Finest Fetish « the long slumber | Continuing on a quite original series about sexuality in the Arab world.
Organ Trafficking the Only Solution for Egypt's Poor | AHN | "The World Health Organization considers Egypt to be the Middle Eastern epicenter of organ trafficking, one of the top five 'hot-spots' after China, the Philippines, and India."
Activists say Israel gave key site to settlers (AFP) | It continues... "AFP - Israel has handed control over much of a key Palestinian area in annexed east Jerusalem to hardline settler groups in a creeping takeover kept away from public scrutiny, a report by an activist group said on Thursday."
Israel cuts 1948 'catastrophe' from Arabic texts - Yahoo! News | Classy.
Blast injures 50 at wedding for nephew of Fatah leader - | Assassination attempt against Muhammad Dahlan?

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